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Lack of Engagement, Stress, and a Want for Well-being are Now Rife in the Modern Workplace. Performance, Productivity, and Profits Suffer. Add the Human Cost...

Think We Need a More Positive Mindset, or More Mindset Training?

Newsflash: The Mind is Not Set! We Can't Set the Mind in a Permanently Optimistic, Engaged or Happy State.

Mindset Training is Like Taking a Spoonful of Sugar—a Short-term Fix at Best. If It was that Easy, Burn-out, Quiet Quitting, and Retention would Not be the Massive Problems they are today. So, what's the solution?


Unlock the Awesome Power of the Human Mind! How? With 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain for Amazing Success in Business and Life!

Proven by Brain Scientists, Easy-to-Understand, Easy-to-Use

With Tangible, Practical Strategies Ready to Use Now!


Empower Your Teams to Engage More, Achieve More, and Enjoy More—That Means Better Performance, Greater Productivity, Higher Profits.

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The First Key: Drop Your Baggage!

1. Drop Your Baggage

Often traumas from our pasteven from infancy, childhood, and adolescencecast a shadow over our present and future days. Performance and enjoyment suffer.

Even the most traumatised people can put their past behind them and flourish. Dr Rod explains how they do it, and in 3 easy steps, shows your people how to wire their brain in the same way!

They can leave their negative beliefs, anxieties, and fears from their past behind.

Benefit: By dropping their emotional baggage, and clearing their mind, they get set for optimal performance now, and in the future.

The Second Key: Create a Champion You

Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. We also tend to be more pessimistic than optimistic. It’s called negativity bias. When we over-emphasise our weaknesses, low self-esteem, lack of progress, or mediocrity can be the result. Productivity suffers.

Now with science, we can wire our brain to change this negative status quo.

Your teams will discover how to turn their weaknesses into strengths, and their strengths into superpowers!

Benefit: Unleash their amazing potential, and watch productivity rise!

2. Get Wired for Success!

The Third Key: Create an Amazing Future

3. Go from Dreams to Vision to Success

Most of us dream of our own version of success in business and life. However, often dreams can remain just thatdreams. Our goals are never realised, and disappointment and disillusionment can follow.

Dr Rod explains the good news: that your people can wire their brain to greatly increase the odds of success, creating a results-driven vision of an amazing professional and personal future.

They will add speed and power to their vision with 4 magnifying tools to get to their dream destination faster, easier, and less expensively. Ideal for leaders and champions to take the next step and beyond.

Benefit: Engage and retain the very people you want to keep!

The Fourth Key: Master Elite Performance

How do the super-successful achieve their success? What can we learn from the elite performers in sport or the arts?

Too often we can be frustrated by our own assumed mediocrity, short selling ourselves, never realising our true capabilities.

Dr Rod explains to your teams how to wire their brain for greater and greater success in their chosen field.

Benefit: Enhance your team's progress, sense of achievement, and productivity.

4. Get the Habit of Champions

The Fifth Key: Be On Fire with Purpose, Passion, and Power

5. On Fire with Purpose, Passion, and Power

 In this post-pandemic business world, burn-out and low energy levels are endemic. Engagement, achievement, and well-being suffer.

Dr Rod outlines to your people how they can wire their brain for new-found motivation and purpose.

They can dig into what motivates them, and discover their special purpose in life. This is the upside: they can reignite their passion and pump-up personal power!

Benefit: Reduce burnout and quiet quitting. Maximise retention, productivity and profits.

The Sixth Key: Get the Toolkit of Success

This increasingly complex business environment can easily overwhelm.

How do the modern titans of business achieve their extraordinary success in face of such complexity? It is the way in which their brains are wired that enables them to enlist, inspire, and organise hundreds of thousands of employees to create their extraordinary products and services.

Dr Rod explains how to copy the way they think, and use the tools they use, so your teams can identify, clarify, and simplify decision-making.

Benefit: Easier, faster progress with less overwhelm or stress.

6. The Toolbox of Success

The Seventh Key: Enjoy a Rewards Program for All—Frequent, Fun, and Free!

7. A Rewards Program for All - Free, Fun and Frequent

Quiet quitting or resignation are widespread. An annual raise and the occasional bonus are not enough to make people feel appreciated, recognised, or want to stay!

Dr Rod explains why rewards wire our brain to feel pleasure and desire more rewards. The same is true whether we are talking about clients or employees.

Your teams will learn how to hijack the human brain’s affinity for rewards to shape a culture where gratitude, appreciation, and delight flourish.

Benefit: Take workplace enjoyment and well-being to a whole new level.

The Eighth Key: Be the Zen Master of Your Workplace

In today’s workplace, insecurities, anxieties, and fears are rife.

Negative emotions have a vital role in alerting us to the threats and dangers to our environment. They are critical to our survival. But what happens when we are overwhelmed by them? The resulting stress response threatens our mood, well-being, even our mental and physical health.

Dr Rod gives your people a simple three-step, science-based process to wire their brain for calmness, courage, or confidence quickly and easily.

Benefit: Watch the stress fall away as you see your people feel happier, better, wanting to stay with you.

8. Be the Zen Master of Business Success

The Ninth Key: Be the Einstein of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

9. Be the Einstein of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Managing the emotions of people (including your own) can be exceptionally challenging and stressful.

It’s an ability called emotional intelligence (EQ). We need high levels of EQ in "soft" business skills such as empathy, vision, courage and so on. EQ accounts for 50% of one's business success, so it’s a critical competence!

While we can’t increase IQ, Dr Rod shows your people how to turbo-charge their EQ, giving them a highly personalised formula to use in your corporate landscape.

Benefit: Greater well-being, engagement, and performance.

The Tenth Key: One Step Back? Take Three Steps Forward!

Success is never a linear upward climb to the top. Setbacks can knock our confidence or self-esteem. And sometimes we can just spin the wheels, going nowhere fast.

Dr Rod explains to your teams how their brain works so they can better cope with the ups and downs of modern business and life, empowering them to greater and greater success.

They can lock in stepwise improvements for a smoother, steadier, more satisfying career journey.

Benefit: Less stress. Greater achievement and productivity.

10. One Step Back, but Three Forward.

The Eleventh Key: Use the Glue to Make Great Memories Stick

11. The Glue to Make Memories Stick

Creating positive memories is a vital part of successful business. From first impressions to making memorable presentations, to generating feelings formed by others about you, making great memories that last is critical. And no-one wants to create a bad memory…

Dr Rod explains to your people how their brain is hardwired to remember important events in their lifeboth positive and negative ones.

They can leverage this science to create positive memories and make them stick!

Benefit: Enhanced enjoyment and well-being. Better performance.

The Twelfth Key: Mix a Cocktail of Workplace Happiness

Workplaces have different vibes. Some are welcoming and wonderful, others bland and boring, some even toxic or traumatic.

Dr Rod explains to your teams how their brain generates feel-good chemicals, and how they can infuse your workplace with them.

They will learn how to mix a cocktail of workplace happiness: a culture of teamwork, optimism, gratitude, celebration, and joy!

Benefit: Happy, highly positive workplace cultures yield better performance, higher productivity, and greater profits!

12. Mix a Cocktail of Workplace Happiness

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